Storage Partitions

What does this App do exactly?

This App helps you to find and delete unecessary files and apps which are taking up space

Advanced users can explore mounts, filesystems etc in a very intuitive UI. Note that no changes can be performed on the partitions

Android Marshmallow Restrictions

Android Marshmallow 6.x and up has removed capability to clear cache of all apps with one click. Now each app has to be selected and cache is to be cleared manually. Further Android has introduced permissions system in Android Marshmallow and Storage permissions need to be given for the functioning of this app

Android Nougat Restrictions

Android has put new restrictions in Android Nougat due to which some advanced functions like Partition details and File system browser will not be available

Debug Reports

There may be a few bugs due to subtle variations by various OEMs and carriers across devices. Help the developer to incorporate variations by sending a Debug report from App Navigation Menu | Support | Report Bugs